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Every Second


EH&S helps the campus and

community prepare for unplanned


Being prepared for unexpected events is critical when seconds count.

To help prepare the campus community to act in times of danger, EH&S created an

Emergency Response Guide

that is posted in university classrooms. More than


guides instruct

faculty, staff, and students on appropriate actions to take in the event of fire, severe weather, violent

incidents, or other emergencies, and prominently display emergency phone numbers.

EH&S was actively involved in preparedness efforts when an Ebola

outbreak occurred in western Africa. EH&S, in cooperation with the

Iowa Department of Public Health and Story County Public Health,

monitored the emerging crisis across the country and around the

world so our campus was prepared to respond if necessary.

Preparation efforts extended beyond campus as EH&S partnered

with the City of Ames and Story County to develop a county-wide

hazard mitigation plan. EH&S staff actively participated in numerous

drills and exercises as they tested response plans for future flooding

events and inclement weather.

EH&S safely guides the campus and community through emergency situations.