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Peace of Mind

EH&S identifies risks to help the

campus community minimize


EH&S implemented programs that created greater hazard awareness for our students and staff.

Through partnerships with the Iowa State University (ISU) Police, the Senior Vice President and

Provost’s Office, and University Relations, EH&S created a multi-


Emergency Response Video

that was released before the

fall semester. The video was first rolled out to a group of more than


community advisors at Residence Life orientation. The video

was viewed in many classrooms during the semester and shown to

new employees at University Human Resources Onboarding.

Automatic electronic defibrillators (AEDs) are available in many

buildings across campus and EH&S partnered with departments

to ensure all


AEDs are fully operational. EH&S produced a


instructional video

on changing the batteries in an AED

cabinet to aid users in the maintenance of their equipment.

EH&S continued coordination of the ISU Occupational Medicine Program. The

program provides hazard assessment, medical surveillance and consultation

to university employees who work with materials and/or under environmental

conditions that have potential health risks.

EH&S staff identifies risks to the campus community to help everyone prevent those hazards.

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