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Far-reaching Influences

Ensuring a safe time, every time.

EH&S hosted numerous safety awareness events and collaborated with campus and community

organizations to share our expertise for keeping fun and exciting activities safe for everyone.

Be it campuswide events, concerts, or student functions,

EH&S staff prepared for the safety of visitors and students by

participating in event planning. Safety staff served on the Events

Authorization Committee to review event plans. Fire safety staff

assisted the City of Ames, Homecoming Committee, and Iowa

Games staff prior to fireworks displays, and the Iowa FFA with

indoor pyrotechnic and LASER displays. The Society of Chemistry

Undergraduate Majors requested EH&S assistance with their

public chemistry demonstrations.

EH&S, in collaboration with the City of Ames Fire Department, hosted



students and staff at our fifth annual Campus Fire Safety

Day. EH&S hosted the National Weather Service Storm Spotter

training on campus for more than



EH&S hosted several Safety Summits featuring unique topics relevant to

the campus community. EH&S also created hands-on learning solutions

that enhanced safety performance beyond the classroom, including Lab

Safety Orientation for more than


ISU students.

EH&S involvement in campus events assures safe and enjoyable functions.