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Welcome to the


EH&S provides students with real-

world experiences and opportunities.

EH&S recognized students as tomorrow’s professionals who will promote safety by partnering with

many departments to provide students with experience and opportunities to foster a safety culture.

EH&S staff aligned with students in Technology Systems

Management 415/416 for senior capstone projects. One project

evaluated walking hazards on campus. Students identified problems

and proposed solutions that could benefit everyone using campus

walkways. Recommendations provided by these students will be

evaluated and implemented as EH&S focuses on slip, trip, and fall

hazards across campus.

EH&S worked with Environmental Science 203 students to collect surface

water quality samples through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources

IOWATER program. Students gained experience while assessing Iowa State

University’s impact on campus streams. Students safely collected samples

from eight monitoring locations along Clear Creek, College Creek, and Squaw

Creek to document nitrate levels, oxygen levels, clarity, water flow, and

habitat identification.

EH&S partnered with Health Studies 305 students to complete


inspections of campus automated external defibrillators (AED), reinforcing

the importance of preparedness.

Involving students in identifying, evaluating, and solving high-impact safety

issues extended EH&S’ mission beyond the local community.