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Laboratory Safety Manual

procedures contained in this

Laboratory Safety Manual

, complete

designated trainings, or report any unsafe or hazardous conditions

to the laboratory supervisor, PI, Laboratory Safety Contact, or EH&S.


are considered to be all persons entering a laboratory other


the PIs, laboratory staff, enrolled students, and authorized

Iowa State University employees. Visitors to Iowa State University

laboratories will be under the supervision of the host laboratory. The

host is responsible for laboratory security during the visit, visitor

training and notification of potential hazards, and oversight of visitor

compliance with applicable safety practices and procedures contained

in the

Laboratory Safety Manual.

Setting Up a Laboratory

This manual contains regulatory requirements, university policies,

and prudent practices that apply to activities performed in laboratories

at Iowa State University. The volume of these requirements can make

the establishment of a laboratory a complex and confusing process.

To guide Iowa State University researchers through this process,

EH&S has developed the

EH&S Research Support Checklist.


this checklist and information contained in the

Laboratory Safety


l, researchers will have the foundation for establishing a safe

and compliant laboratory.


Laboratory Check-in Form


Laboratory Check-out Form


resources to help document regulatory compliance by researchers

before laboratory work begins and before laboratory departure. It

is recommended that departments establish a formal procedure to

“check in” new researchers beginning work at Iowa State University

and “check out” researchers before departing from ISU. Ask your

administrative office if a formal “check in/check out” program has

been established in your department.