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Laboratory Safety Manual


Environmental Health and Safety Statement

Iowa State University strives to be a model for environmental, health and safety excellence in

teaching, research, extension, and the management of its facilities. In pursuit of this goal,

appropriate policies and procedures must be developed and followed to ensure this community

operates in an environment free from recognized hazards. Faculty, staff, and students are

responsible for compliance with established policies and are encouraged to enculturate practices

that ensure safety, protect health, and minimize the institution's impact on the environment.

As an institution of higher learning, Iowa State University

fosters an understanding of and a responsibility for the environment,

encourages individuals to be knowledgeable about environmental, health and safety

issues that affect their discipline, and

shares examples of superior environmental health and safety performance with peer

institutions, the State of Iowa and the local community.

As a responsible steward of facilities and the environment, Iowa State University

strives to provide and maintain safe working environments that minimize the risk of

injury or illness to employees, students and the public,

continuously improves operations, with the goal of meeting or exceeding required and

applicable environmental, health and safety regulations, rules, policies, or voluntary

standards, and

employs innovative strategies of waste minimization and pollution prevention to reduce

the use of toxic substances, promote reuse, and encourage the purchase of renewable,

recyclable and recycled materials.

The intent of this statement is to promote environmental stewardship, protect health, and

encourage safe work practices within the Iowa State University community. The cooperative

efforts of the campus community to remain mindful of these goals will ensure that Iowa State

University continues to be a great place to live, work, and learn.