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Laboratory Safety Manual

ancillary spaces

• computer use areas containing multiple workstations, even if

teaching and research is occurring, unless located inside a

space that meets the definition of a laboratory

• private offices, unless contiguous with or in a space that meets

the definition of a laboratory

Administrative Responsibilities


are expected to follow all applicable practices and

procedures contained in the

Laboratory Safety Manual,


designated training, and report hazardous and unsafe conditions

to the laboratory supervisor, Principal Investigator (PI), Laboratory

Safety Contact, or Environmental Health and Safety.

Principal Investigators, Laboratory Supervisors, and Instructors

are responsible for ensuring that thepoliciesandguidelinesestablished

in this manual are strictly followed by all employees, collaborating

researchers, visitors, and students under their supervision.

Department Chairs

are responsible for adopting and implementing

the policies within the

Laboratory Safety Manual

in laboratories under

their administrative control. Department chairs must designate a

Laboratory Safety Contact

that will act as a point of contact for this

effort. The department chair shall be the Laboratory Safety Contact

unless otherwise designated.

The Laboratory Safety Contact

assists laboratory supervisors in

adapting requirements of the

Laboratory Safety Manual

to individual

laboratories. Assigned duties may include acting as a point of contact

with EH&S, providing information and consultation on laboratory

safety requirements, disseminating information published by

EH&S, facilitating laboratory surveys, and conveying departmental

information and concerns to EH&S.

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)

develops compliance assistance programs for Iowa State University

based on federal, state, and local rules and regulations. EH&S

oversees the adoption and implementation of the

Laboratory Safety


by individual departments. EH&S will designate a university

Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) to oversee the laboratory safety


The Office for Responsible Research

ensures compliance with

federal, state, and local rules and regulations related to research

while overseeing the following compliance committees:

Human - Institutional Review Board (



Biohazards - Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) , Animals - Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee



Radiation - Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) .


are expected to observe all applicable safety practices and