14 Lockout/Tagout E. Special Conditions In order to provide continuity of LOTO protection, the following steps are required for the situations identified below: Group Lockout/Tagout A group LOTO is necessary when service/maintenance is performed by more than one individual. A procedure must be developed that outlines how group LOTO will occur. This information should be identified on the Energy Control Procedures form. Group LOTO can be accomplished through the use of a lockout device that accepts multiple locks or a group lock box (stores all keys to locks used and can only be opened by one individual). One person from the group should be selected to oversee the LOTO procedure. The group representative will be responsible for • affixing the group lockout device or maintaining control of the lock box • ensuring that lockout/tagout procedures are followed, including verifying that equipment is de-energized • continually monitoring the work to ensure that employees on the crew are not exposed to lockout/tagout hazards • verifying that all procedures for returning the equipment back into service are completed before lockout/tagout devices are removed Shift Changes When equipment/machine maintenance extends beyond one work shift, a procedure must be in place to transfer control of the equipment/machine to the arriving shift. This transfer is the responsibility of all departing and arriving shift supervisors involved with the maintenance project. Responsibilities include • overseeing the transfer of control of the existing LOTO device(s) or the attachment of a separate device(s) • ensuring that the continuity of the energy control procedure is maintained until the oncoming shift supervisor arrives and takes control of the job • documenting the method used (original device or separate device) on the Energy Control Procedures form