13 Waste and Recycling Labeling Waste containers must be labeled to inform personnel of the contents. Specific labeling requirements are discussed in “Management and Disposal of Waste Chemicals” section. Waste Removal Generators of waste may request removal/disposal through the Waste Removal link. Personal Protective Equipment Those who handle hazardous materials must use personal protective equipment (PPE) that is appropriate to the hazard associated with the material. Review th e PPE selection guide and wear the correct PPE when handling these materials. Contact EH&S if you need assistance identifying the right PPE. Spills Proper cleaning of spills depends on the type and volume of the material involved. Users can immediately clean up small spills of low hazard materials. If unsure, contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359. Larger spills, or spills involving more hazardous items, may require EH&S or Ames Fire Department assistance. Read more detailed information on spills. University personnel play a key role in protecting our waterways from chemical contamination. Chemicals may not be poured or dumped into sanitary or storm drains, in garbage cans or dumpsters, or onto the ground. Additional Resources Biosafety Manual Potentially Explosive Chemicals Radioactive Materials Manual Laboratory Safety Manual