2022 Annual Report

20 Safety on Display Iowa State students celebrated the 2022 homecoming season with an array of traditions including lawn displays, parade floats, and central campus activities. EH&S completed more than 20 inspections during the festivities to ensure the stability of the assembled structures and the safety of the students using them. What they found: EH&S made several safety improvement recommendations to Greek organizations. ● A few parade floats were initially inadequate for driving or conveying passengers. EH&S requested corrections be made or denied float approvals for occupants. ● The team paid close attention to trailer lights, ladders, railings, and electrical issues. Bonus: EH&S also conducted safety inspections for two stages and a tent that were assembled for the homecoming pancake breakfast on Central Campus. A tradition of its own: EH&S has conducted homecoming inspections since 2007, when Risk Management asked for assistance in ensuring the safety of the Greek lawn displays. Each fall, EH&S briefs the Greek organizations on safety requirements at the beginning of the homecoming season, on pre-inspection, and again before the final inspection. ■ Several of Iowa State University's fraternities constructed lawn displays for the homecoming celebration.