Asbestos Safety Manual

19 Asbestos Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety G Asbestos Project Coordination Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) provides project management services and oversees all aspects of asbestos abatement operations for Iowa State University (ISU) the Iowa School for the Deaf (ISD). These day-to-day project management services ensure that all applicable state and federal regulations and the ISU Asbestos Abatement Specifications are followed. EH&S will coordinate the services of the Abatement Contractor with Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) and the requesting ISU department when remodeling, renovation, and demolition projects will disturb asbestos-containing materials. Project design and initial exposure assessment information will be provided by EH&S which identifies job specific requirements and procedures. EH&S will perform air monitoring to assure that asbestos is not released during maintenance and construction activities. ISU has developed several methods of response to respond to projects and incidents that require asbestos abatement. In-House Abatement Personnel In-house abatement personnel are available to conduct abatement projects, which are limited in scope and generally consist of minor repairs, encapsulations, and glove bag operations (removals conducted in sealed enclosures) associated with building maintenance. Hourly Contractor Abatement More extensive repair and removal projects are often conducted through the ISU Asbestos Abatement Contract. EH&S will work with departments and/or FP&M to coordinate contractor abatement activities. Contractors are expected to conduct projects to their conclusion and provide for occupant protection. Request for Quote (RFQ) Bid Projects EH&S works jointly with ISU Procurement Services to solicit quotations to remove ACM, as specified in bid documents, when abatement projects are larger in scale and/or require an exacting schedule.