Asbestos Safety Manual

20 Asbestos Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety H. Response Actions Iowa State University’s fundamental policy is to manage asbestoscontaining materials (ACM) in place and this method is strongly emphasized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Response actions range from in place management with an operations and maintenance (O&M) program when the material is in good condition, to removal if the material is damaged beyond repair or impacted by change in occupancy, building renovations and demolition requirements. Undamaged asbestos that is properly managed in place poses little health risk. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) An operations and maintenance program is a formal set of standard procedures designed to minimize asbestos exposure to building occupants by managing asbestos-containing materials in-place. An O&M program includes work practices to maintain ACM in good condition, ensure proper cleanup of any previously released asbestos-containing dust or debris, prevent inadvertent disturbance to existing ACM, and monitor any changes in the condition of the ACM. Maintenance of any ACM is essential to prolong the life of the material and is required to maintain its continued integrity. Repair Minor areas of damaged ACM can be returned to an intact, safe condition using various methods to provide a durable, serviceable coating that involves limited replacement and/or patching and will allow the material to continue in service. Encapsulation Encapsulation can be an effective response action that treats ACM with a material that surrounds or embeds the asbestos fibers in an adhesive or bonding material to prevent their release. While encapsulation isoftenmoreexpedient and lessexpensive than removal and replacement, the potential for exposure still exists because the asbestos source remains. In addition, the encapsulated ACM is often more difficult to remove. There are two types of encapsulates. • Bridging encapsulant creates a membrane over the surface of the ACM. • Penetrating encapsulant “penetrates” through the ACM and binds the components together. Bucket of encapsulating mastic and a roll of wettable canvas