Asbestos Safety Manual

25 Asbestos Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety Respirator certification consists of four steps: 1. Hazard Inventory Review workplace hazards with your supervisor and complete the Hazard Inventory. After EH&S has reviewed your inventory. They will process the inventory and you will receive an email letting you know to call the doctor’s office for the medical portion. 2 Medical Evaluation Call Occupational Medicine at (515) 294-2056 to schedule a medical evaluation. Complete the Medical Questionnaire for Respiratory Protective Equipment (PDF). Take the questionnaire with you to your Occupational Medicine evaluation. Approval to wear a respirator is granted by the Occupational Medicine physician. 3 Training and Fit Testing Sign up for a Respirator - Initial Certification class by calling EH&S at (515) 294-5359. Respirator – Initial Certification class will include training and individual fit testing. All respirator models available at Central Stores are available for fitting at EH&S. At the successful completion of the class, EH&S will issue a Respirator Prescription, listing respirator type, size and cartridge type. 4. Purchase Your Respirator Present the Respirator Prescription and a Central Stores requisition at Central Stores (192 General Services Bldg) to purchase a respirator. Continued required use of a respirator will require you to attend Respirator Recertification class annually. EH&S will notify program participants of their recertification due date. Sign up for Respirator Recertification. Respirator fit testing