Asbestos Safety Manual

28 Asbestos Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety L Asbestos Waste Collection and Disposal Collection and disposal of asbestos-containing material (ACM) waste generated by removal activities at Iowa State University (ISU) must comply with state and federal regulations and the ISU Asbestos Abatement Specifications. ACM waste must be sealed in leak-tight packaging while wet, labeled, and disposed of in a local EPA-approved landfill. Polyethylene bags require double bagging, with a minimum thickness of 6-mils for each bag. Drums may be metal, plastic or fiber. All bags and containers of ACM waste must be labeled accordingly: • OSHA danger label • EPA waste generator identification label • DOT hazard class label Asbestos waste generated by in-house and hourly contract projects is accumulated in a secure, closed-top dumpster coordinated by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). When the asbestos dumpster is full, EH&S will prepare a manifest describing and listing the amount of waste for transport and burial at the Boone County Landfill. Disposal fees are the responsibility of the department generating the ACM waste. Request for Quote (RFQ) bid projects contractually specify the awarded abatement contractor is responsible for the safe and legal storage, transportation, and disposal of asbestos waste generated by the project, and is responsible for all disposal fees. ACM waste Asbestos dumpster