Asbestos Safety Manual

29 Asbestos Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety Appendix A Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) Note: The following list of materials is intended as a general guide to represent which types of materials may contain asbestos and is by no means all inclusive. Cement Asbestos Pipes Laboratory Hoods Cement Asbestos Wallboard Laboratory Gloves Cement Asbestos Siding Racks Laboratory Bench Tops/Drying Vinyl Floor Tile Electric Wiring Insulation Linoleum Electrical Ducts/Vaults Floor Backing Electrical Panel Partitions Construction Mastics (floor tile, ceiling tile, etc.) Cooling Towers Acoustical Plaster Elevator Brake Shoes Decorative Plaster Elevator Equipment Panels Textured Paints/Coatings Pipe Insulation/Wraps Ceiling Tiles Pipe Fittings Fireproofing Duct Insulation Sprayed-on Insulation Duct Seam Tape Troweled-on Insulation Vibration Dampening Cloth Blown-in Insulation Window Glazing Poured-in Insulation Caulking/Putties Fire Blankets Thermal Paper Products Fire Curtains Roofing Shingles Fire Door Insulation Roof Flashing Valve Packings Rolled Roofing Drywall/Wall Board Built-up Roofing Drywall Tape Roof Patching Cement/Tar Joint/Taping Compounds Adhesives High Temperature Gaskets Stage Lighting Boiler/Tank Insulation Chalkboards Boiler Refractory Breeching Insulation Mortar Vinyl Stair Treads