BBP Manual

13 Bloodborne Pathogens Environmental Health and Safety Medical Emergencies If injury, illness, or exposure necessitates immediate treatment, transport the employee to the Mary Greeley Medical Emergency Department (515) 239-2011. If emergency transport is needed, dial 911. Be prepared to provide any relevant safety information, such as an MSDS or PSD. When an employee requires emergency treatment, the incident must be reported to EH&S at (515) 294-5359 as soon as possible. Provide assistance to injured or exposed personnel by following the First Aid Procedures. Follow-up Investigation The department inwhich the exposure incident occurredmust evaluate the incident in order to prevent repeat incidents. The evaluation will include documentation of the following: • safety equipment in use at the time of the exposure incident • work practices in place at the time of the exposure incident • personal protective equipment or clothing in use at the time of the exposure incident • evaluation of the policies and “failures of controls” at the time of the exposure incident Medical Records Confidential records will be established and maintained for all personnel with occupational exposure to human blood or other PIMs. These records will include at least the following: • Personnel names and University ID numbers • Signed Consent or Decline of Vaccination Forms for each participating individual • Hepatitis B vaccination status, dates of vaccinations, and any medical records relative to each individual’s ability to receive vaccination • Copies of all examination results, medical testing, and follow-up procedures for each participating individual • Copies of the health care professional’s written opinion following any evaluation of the medical status of individual personnel. This written opinion will be provided to the participating individual and his/her department chair within 15 working days of the completion of the evaluation. The opinion will be limited to the following, (any other information will remain confidential): ◦ Recommendations as to the limitations of the individual’s ability to receive Hepatitis B vaccination ◦ Specific findings or diagnoses which are related to the individual’s ability to receive Hepatitis B vaccination