BBP Manual

22 Bloodborne Pathogens Environmental Health and Safety Appendix II Resources Forms • Hazard Inventory for Occupational Medicine Surveillance • Consent or Decline of Vaccination Forms • Sample Safety Feature Evaluation Form for Safer Sharps Devices Publications • Biosafety Manual • First Aid Procedures • Sharps and Biohazardous Waste Procedure & Flow Chart Regulations • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Regulation (Standard 29 CFR1910.1030) • Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act • Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention Bloodborne Disease Information • HIV/AIDS • Hepatitis B • Hepatitis C Safer Sharps Devices • OSHA booklet on How to Prevent Needlestick Injuries • Preventing Needlestick Injuries in Health Care Settings • Lists of available safer sharps devices • Latex Allergies