BBP Manual

8 Bloodborne Pathogens Environmental Health and Safety Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) EH&S is responsible for: • Formulating and implementing Iowa State University policy • Performing audits and assuring compliance with that policy • Ensuring that affected departments are aware of university policies and regulatory guidelines regarding the proper use of human blood or other PIMs Occupational Medicine Occupational Medicine is responsible for: • Administering Hepatitis B vaccinations to personnel who may face potential exposure to human blood or other PIMs • Providing relevant medical information regarding the benefits and contraindication to the vaccine Department Executive Officers Each department executive officer will identify departmental job positions and the personnel who may have exposure to human blood or other PIMs during the performance of their assigned duties. The exposure determination will be made without regard to the use of personal protective equipment. Records will be kept of the names of affected personnel, their job titles and duties, and their procedures that present bloodborne disease hazards. Each department that has personnel at risk will adopt this university policy as its Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan and establish a program of compliance. This departmental program will include department-specific training, maintenance of required records, and compliance with the contents of this policy and those of the attached OSHA final regulation 1910.1030 -Bloodborne Pathogens. Supervisors Supervisors are primarily responsible for ensuring that the policies and guidelines established in this manual are strictly followed by all personnel under their jurisdiction. Refer to the checklist in Appendix I. Individual Personnel Individuals who work with human blood or other PIMs have a responsibility to follow the requirements presented in this manual and during personnel training. Personnel should consult with their supervisors regarding the safe handling and proper disposal of human blood or other PIMs used in their specific work areas.