Biosafety Manual

19 Biosafety Manual lenses, and storing food for human consumption are prohibited in the laboratory. • Mouth pipetting is prohibited. Mechanical devices are used for pipetting. • Policy is in place for safe handling of sharps. • First aid kit is accessible and suitably stocked. • Procedures are in place to minimize splashes and the creation of aerosols. • Work surfaces are decontaminated with an appropriate disinfectant at least once a day and after a spill of viable material. • Laboratory equipment is decontaminated routinely and after contamination; and before repair, maintenance, or removal from the laboratory. • Cultures, stocks, and regulated waste are decontaminated by an effective method before disposal. • Proper biological waste labeling is in place for off-site decontamination. • Appropriate biohazard containers are used for containment of biohazardous waste. • Laboratory has a rodent and pest control program in place. • A biohazard sign indicating the required biosafety level, required PPE, exit procedures, required immunizations, and the PI’s name and phone number is posted at the laboratory entrance during work with human pathogens. Biosafety Level 2 (BSL–2) Minimum Criteria • BSL-1 minimum criteria are followed. • An autoclave is available for decontaminating laboratory wastes. • All personnel, and particularly those of reproductive age and/or thosehavingconditions thatmaypredispose themto increased risk for infection (e.g., organ transplant, medical immunosuppressive agents), are provided information regarding immune competence and susceptibility to infectious agents. Individuals having such conditions are encouraged to self-identify to the institution’s healthcare provider for appropriate counseling and guidance. • Personnel have been trained in the specific hazards associated with pathogenic agents and Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules in accordance with SOPs and protocols. Training will be documented and available for inspection. • At risk laboratory personnel have received appropriate