16 Confined Spaces F. Duties of Designated Employees The training and assigning of Entry Supervisors, Authorized Entrants, and Attendants (and each role subsequent responsibilities) must be included in the department's SOPs for confined space entry. Entry Supervisor Entry Supervisors are primarily responsible for ordering entries into permit-required spaces and ensuring all proper procedures contained in this manual are followed. Entry Supervisors are specifically responsible for: • Knowing the hazards that may be faced during entry, including signs, symptoms, and consequences of exposure. • Conducting pre-planning meetings with designated personnel involved in permit-required confined space entries. • Filling out the Entry Permit Form. • Verifying that all Entry Permit requirements have been properly addressed before entry. • Authorizing entry by signing Entry Permit. • Verifying that rescue services are available and can be summoned. • Removing unauthorized individuals from the entry area. • Canceling the permit if unacceptable conditions arise during entry or if assigned work has been completed. • Ensuring that the terms of the Entry Permit are followed and that acceptable entry conditions are maintained. Authorized Entrant Authorized Entrants are those actually entering the permit-required spaces and performing necessary duties. Authorized Entrants are responsible for: • Knowing the hazards that may be encountered during entry, including information on the signs, symptoms or consequences of exposure. • Knowing the proper use of equipment required for entry, including; monitoring, ventilation, PPE and lighting equipment, barriers/shields, safety equipment for entry and egress, and rescue and emergency equipment.