20 Confined Spaces H. Required Equipment Many different safety equipment items are required to assist safe entries into and rescues from permit-required confined spaces. These items must be supplied, at no charge, to employees engaged in permit space entries. The extent of actual equipment required will depend on hazards present and the category of the confined space being entered. Training must include hands-on usage of all required equipment to such an extent that personnel become proficient in their understanding and use of the equipment. Possible equipment includes: • ventilation fan(s) • life lines • retrieval equipment • PPE • monitoring equipment (See Section I. Atmospheric Testing below) • lighting equipment • communication equipment • Lockout/Tagout devices • barricade equipment • other safety equipment required to complete the job Retrieval systems or methods must meet the following requirements: • Authorized Entrants entering permit-required confined spaces must wear a safety harness attached to retrieval equipment located outside the permit space by way of a retrieval line. Wristlets may only be used in lieu of chest or full body harnesses if it can be demonstrated that the harness usage creates a greater hazard and wristlets are the safest and most effective alternative. • Retrieval lines must be attached to a mechanical device or fixed point outside the permit space in such a manner that rescue can begin as soon as it becomes necessary. • A retrieval hoist must be available to retrieve personnel working in vertical-type confined spaces deeper than 5 feet. When respirators or lockout/tagout procedures are required to enter a confined space, training must be provided to all affected personnel within the requirements of each specific regulation.