7 Confined Spaces Personnel Personnel are responsible for observing all practices and procedures contained in the Confined Spaces Program, other general safety practices, attending designated training sessions, and reporting hazardous or unsafe conditions to their supervisor, the entry supervisor or EH&S. Employees designated asAuthorized Entrants, Entry Supervisors, and/or Attendants are responsible for additional duties as outlined in Section Duties of Designated Employees. Program Review Each department must review its Confined Spaces Program annually. Canceled permits from the previous year will be used to determine if revisions are needed to ensure employee safety. If revisions are needed, the changes must be made and employees trained on the revisions. Standard Operating Procedures Standard operating procedures (SOP) describe the method(s) that will be used to complete a task or operation. Departments with confined spaces must develop SOPs and incorporate them into this manual to complete their Confined Spaces Program. Procedures must be developed by departments for the items outlined below to make the program specific to their areas. • Training of designated employees. • Preparation, issuance, use, and cancellation of Entry Permits. • Conclusion of confined space entries (closing the space, debriefing). • Communication between the Attendant and the Authorized Entrants and with rescue and emergency personnel. • Prevention of unauthorized entry into permit-required confined spaces. • Coordination of confined space entries with contractors. Recordkeeping The following confined space records must be maintained by each department or entity using this confined spaces manual. A listing of confined spaces identified by name, location, description, real or potential hazards, and classification (permit or non-permit required confined space) using the Confined Space Inventory form.