Fire Safety Guidelines

Fire Safety Guidelines Environmental Health and Safety 5 ISU has over 6500 fire extinguishers! The best defense against a fire is prevention Introduction Fire Safety Guidelines The mission of the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) fire safety program is to protect the lives and property of Iowa State University (ISU) faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Our proactive fire prevention program is founded on education, facility oversight, and incident investigation. EH&S provides multiple resources to the ISU community to help fulfill our mission, including: • online and classroom fire safety training • building plan review • inspections of campus spaces for unsafe locations, structures and equipment • investigation of campus fires and identification of fire safety improvements • inspection and maintenance of campus fire extinguishers • Prevention is the best defense against fire. We are all responsible for fire prevention, and each of us must know how to react in a fire emergency in order to protect ourselves and assist others. These guidelines provide critical information to help keep you and your community safe. • Oversees fire safety and prevention programs at ISU, which include identification of fire hazards, enforcing fire prevention rules, fire emergency planning, and fire/incident investigations.