Just the Facts FY18

From training to Twitter, communicating the message of health, safety, and environmental protection has no boundaries on campus. Using various media platforms allows EH&S to reach all corners of campus. 76 safety training courses available 108 safety publications available 31,633 safety courses completed (online and classroom) 108,400 Twitter impressions 735,886 web page visits Preventing illness and injury is a key part of EH&S’s mission. The safety program is focused on addressing workplace hazards with the shared goal of ensuring everyone returns home safely. 9 buildings modified for improved fall protection 15 farm safety inspections completed 76 shop inspections completed 117 confined space meter calibrations 284 roof safety inspections on 28 buildings 383 accident investigations Routine radiation safety services include laboratory audits, contamination surveys, radioactive material package deliveries, and Geiger meter calibration and maintenance. Radiation safety staff made over 490 lab visits last year. When it comes to total radioactivity used at ISU, veterinary doctors practicing nuclear medicine at the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center account for 96% of the campus total; the other 4% is used by scientific researchers. 42 x-ray systems in use 87 laser systems in use 159 radioactive material packages tested, inventoried, and delivered 198 laboratories that use radioactive material 490 radiation safety inspections completed 1,484 personal dosimeters issued and analyzed 4,600 radiation contamination samples collected and analyzed