Laboratory Safety Manual

49 Laboratory Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety When a fume hood has been posted with a caution or warning sign,the following must occur before normal operations can resume: 1. EH&S will submit a service request to Facilities, Planning, and Management (FP&M) to have the hood repaired. 2. FP&M will address and/or repair the hood. 3. FP&M will contact EH&S when the fume hood has been repaired. 4. EH&S will retest the fume hood. If the hood passes, the sign will be removed and normal operation can resume; if the hood fails, steps 1-3 will be repeated. 5. If an exception to this process occurs, EH&S will contact the principal investigator (PI) or supervisor regarding the status of the hood. Contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359 or email EH&S. Contact EH&S for work or repair on radiation approved fume hood.