Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

15 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety Summary of the Radiation Authorization Application, Review and Approval Process 1. PI completes application. 2. PI submits completed application and supporting documents to EH&S. 3. EH&S reviews application. 4. EH&S submits application with recommendations to RSC. 5. RSC reviews application. 6. RSC notifies EH&S of their decision. 7. EH&S notifies PI and arranges details to set up the laboratory. Radiation Authorization Amendments Modifications to a PIs original authorization may be requested through EH&S in either written or electronic form. Minor changes, such as changes in personnel, additional projects, increased possession limits, or changes in location are reviewed and approved by the RSO. Extensive changes to the authorization such as: adding additional radionuclides or devices, or adding new radiation procedures will be subject to the same review and approval process as the original application. Adding Authorized Personnel Authorized Personnel are added through the training process. If authorized personnel join another radiation laboratory the change must be submitted to EH&S. You must list a currently approved PI who has approved your addition to their Radioactive Materials Use Authorization. 1. Complete the Radioactive Material Worker Application. 2. Submit the Worker Application to: EH&S, 2408 Wanda Daley Drive, Ames, Iowa 50011-3602 or by e-mail. 3. EH&S will add personnel to the PI’s authorization and send an updated copy to the PI and laboratory supervisor. Note: All new protocols must be approved by the RSC.