Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

16 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety Approval in Concept Approval in Concept may be issued to PIs by the RSC and ORR for funded projects where the funding agency has approved an initial period for development of the final protocol and related studymaterials. No research with radiation may be conducted under an Approval in Concept. Submission of a RAM or RPDs authorization application will be required to obtain an authorization prior to conducting research. Authorization Termination and Laboratory Closure When a PI no longer uses RAM in their research: they must submit a written request to EH&S for laboratory decommissioning. EH&S will schedule a time to collect materials, complete close out surveys and remove postings from the laboratory. Authorizations and laboratories may be decommissioned for noncompliance of policies, rules, and regulations under the provisions of the RSC Charter. An authorization may be decommissioned for actions such as the deliberate misuse of materials or devices, or the PI failing to complete annual training requirements. Authorizations and laboratories with no active radiation projects will be subject to closure. Seeking future funding does not mean an active project. PIs storing material for later use will be subject to all requirements of the rules, including annual training. Note: A new user may request an Approval in Concept when applying for a grant.