Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

20 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety F Responsibilities At ISU trained radiation users share the responsibility for ensuring the safe use of radiation. Failure to comply with this responsibility may result in termination of a user’s authorization to use radiation. These responsibilities are summarized below. Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator The individual authorized by the RSC as the PI on a project involving the use of radiation is responsible for all activities conducted under the scope of that authorization. The PI has the responsibility for ensuring that: • All individuals working with radiation have completed all university and laboratory safety training requirements including the required annual refresher training. • All individuals working with radiation have been formally authorized by the RSC. • All rules, regulations and procedures for the safe use of radiation are followed. • An accurate record of the types, quantities and locations of radioactive materials and devices is maintained. • EH&S is notified of any changes in the storage or use of radiation materials (RAM) and devices prior to implementing the changes. • All uses of radiation are constantly evaluated to further reduce exposures to individuals ALARA. • All procedures for using RAM are current and accurate. • All radioactive sources or source material are secure from unauthorized access or removal. • EH&S is notified of all unusual events or conditions that occur in the laboratory, including spills, releases, missing inventory, etc. • EH&S is informed when authorized personnel leave the laboratory. • EH&S is informed when ending the use of RAM or devices • EH&S is notified when leaving the university. The entire laboratory authorization for radiation use may be revoked for non-compliance of policies, rules, and regulations following the guidelines set forth in the RSC Charter.