Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

21 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety Responsibilities of the Authorized Personnel Personnel authorized to use RAM are responsible for its safe use. Each user must: • Minimize their personal exposure to ALARA. • Minimize public exposure to ALARA. • Wear assigned dosimetry as specified in this manual. • Understand and comply with all sections of this manual that apply to their work. • Identify the location of all radiation sources in the work area and the extent of their potential risks, and use the appropriate procedures to minimize the risks. • Monitor the work area frequently for contamination or exposure and document the results. • Clean all identified contaminations as soon as possible. Do not leave for others to clean up. • Dispose of radioactive waste properly • Maintain postings, labels, and markings for all sources, containers, and work areas. • Maintain usage logs, records, and inventories. • Prevent unauthorized persons from access to radioactive material and devices. This includes service personnel in the laboratory for maintenance or repair. • Notify EH&S of all unusual events or conditions that occur in the laboratory, including spills, releases, missing inventory, etc. • Complete all required training within the set time period specified by the RSC. • Report spills, contaminations, or personal contamination to EH&S. The individual’s authorization to use radiation may be revoked for non-compliance of policies, rules and regulations under the provisions of the RSC Charter.