Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

22 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety G Obtaining Radioactive Material In order to ensure proper management of the types and amounts of RAM and devices entering the ISU campus, all purchases of these items must be approved and processed by EH&S. ISU is required to provide proof of licensing to the vendor prior to transfer or shipment. Ordering Radioactive Material A copy of ISU’s current broad scope license must be on file with all companies or licensees before ordering. Contact EH&S at (515) 2945359 to request a copy of this license be sent to the vendor. It is the vendor’s responsibility to obtain the license prior to shipment. Radioactive Material Ordering Procedures: • Authorized personnel initiate the procurement process by contacting EH&S ( to obtain a log number. Information required for issuing a log number: ○ Name of PI ○ Name of end user ○ Phone number to contact when delivered ○ Nuclide supplier/vendor ○ Nuclide(s) being ordered ○ Total nuclide activity, in mCi ○ Chemical form • EH&S checks the type and amount of the radionuclide to be ordered against the authorized PI’s approved amount and current inventory. • If the request does not increase the PI’s inventory beyond authorized activity limits, EH&S will assign the order a log number. • If the user is utilizing Perkin Elmer, the order may be placed in the cyBUY system by accessing the Perkin Elmer catalog. The log number should be entered in the “attention” line of the cyBUY release. All Perkin Elmer orders will ship to the EH&S address shown at the end of this section. • If the user is using a different vendor for ordering RAM, they must complete a requisition to Procurement Services requesting that a purchase order (P.O.) be issued to the vendor. The requisition should reference the log number in the purchasing notes. Procurement Services also has contracts in place for radioactive materials. Contact the Procurement Services to get information on the radionuclide contracts and how to place orders on those contracts. Procurement Services will not issue a P.O. number if the order has not been assigned an EH&S log number.