Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

23 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety • The vendor must also be instructed to reference the log number on the packing slip accompanying the order. • A log number is required even if a purchase order is not used to procure the material (examples: evaluation materials, materials transfer from non-vendors, or materials forwarded to a new PI). • In accordance with RAM license requirements, the vendor must be instructed to address the shipment to EH&S. Do not address RAM packages for delivery directly to your laboratory. Iowa State University Environmental Health and Safety 1122 Environmental Health & Safety Services Bldg 2408 Wanda Daley Drive Ames, Iowa 50011-3602 Log Number: xxxx-xxxx RAM, devices with embedded sources, sealed sources, or generally licensed materials must be purchased through an university issued purchase order number or established vendor contract issued by Procurement Services. Receipt and Delivery of Radioactive Material Upon receipt of a radionuclide shipment, EH&S staff will check the RAM package to ensure that radiation exposure levels and contamination levels are within regulatory limits. If a RAM package is mistakenly delivered directly to your laboratory, inform EH&S immediately EH&S staff will then enter the radionuclide data into the PI’s RAM inventory and deliver the shipment to the user’s laboratory. Late packages received by EH&S will be processed when received, but may not be delivered to the PI until the following day. An approved RAM user must sign for the RAM package upon delivery to the laboratory. At least one radionuclide usage and inventory form will accompany each package stating the activity and radionuclide present. The lower portion of the inventory sheet (the source/vial consignment sheet) must be returned to EH&S with the RAM when work with the material is completed or the material is no longer useful. EH&S will then remove the material from the PI’s inventory and ensure proper disposal. Receipt of Free/Gifted/Evaluation Materials and Devices Free, gifted, or evaluation materials or devices must follow the same procedures outlined above. Additionally, RAM, devices, and other radiation sources transferred to ISU by new faculty and staff require EH&S notification and approval of the RSC. Note: A log number is still needed for Free/Gifted materials.