Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

24 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety H Security, Storage, Transfer, and Transportation of Radioactive Materials Any transfer of RAM or devices or equipment containing RAM or embedded sourced must be approved by EH&S before the transfer takes place. Security of Radioactive Material Security of RAM must be practiced at all times. RAM (i.e. source material, sealed sources, devices containing sources, labeled materials, and waste) must be in constant attendance by the trained user, or otherwise locked or secured to prevent unauthorized removal or tampering. Storage of Radioactive Material: RAM Sources, Labeled Materials and Waste RAM shall be secured from unauthorized access in cabinets, refrigerators, freezers or waste areas, unless attended by authorized personnel. These storage containers must have locks with keys or combinations available only to authorized individuals. RAM shall be stored in sealed containers to prevent accidental spillage, breakage, contamination and to prevent release. If the radionuclide requires shielding, containers will be shielded to maintain ALARA and prevent excessive or unnecessary exposure. Radioactive material stored in a freezer, should be thawed, opened, and handled in a fume hood or biological safety cabinet. Aerosols from stored RAM may cause contamination of adjacent areas and RAM intake by personnel if not handled properly after storage. All RAM must be marked radioactive and indicate the radionuclide. Any material or collection of items, such as a bag of trash or pieces of equipment, that are contaminated with RAM are considered a radioactive material and must be labeled or marked as RAM with the radionuclide indicated. On-Campus Transfers of RAM Transfer of RAM or devices between laboratories at the university must be approved by EH&S and is dependent upon the PIs respective authorizations. EH&S will update inventories for both laboratories and issue new inventory forms after the transfer. The following information must be submitted to EH&S: • dates when the material will be moved • sending and receiving locations • radionuclide(s) being moved • chemical form of the radionuclide