Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

29 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety Radioactive Waste Minimization Each user is encouraged to develop methods and procedures that reduce the amount of radioactive waste generated. Waste minimization techniques include: • Reviewing procedures to ensure that unnecessary waste is not being generated. • Ordering minimal amounts of RAM. • Avoiding accumulation of RAM. • Monitoring waste items for detectable contamination prior to disposal as radioactive waste. If the item, such as gloves, is not contaminated, dispose of the item as non-radioactive waste. • Restricting work to easily decontaminated surfaces (stainless steel trays or absorbent paper) to minimize the amount of waste generated from a small spill. • Using plastic LSC vials instead of glass, whenever practical. • Substituting non-RAM methods, such as fluorescence. • When possible, use short-lived radionuclides instead of longer lived radionuclides.