Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

39 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety M Emergency & Decontamination Procedures Despite the strict adherence to all laboratory safety rules RAM accidents can occur. For this reason, it is important that RAM users are aware of the proper procedures to follow for various types of accidents. All spills and contaminations must be cleaned up immediately. EH&S is available to assist the laboratory in decontamination and spill cleanup efforts. Minor Spills and Contaminations Incidents involving the release or spillage of less than 100 µCi of a radionuclide in a nonvolatile form can generally be regarded as minor. For small spills and contaminations laboratory personnel are required to clean up the spill following these steps: 1. Immediately notify all other persons in the room. 2. Clear the room of all persons except those needed to clean up the spill. 3. Contain the spill immediately. 4. Liquids - cover with absorbent paper or absorbent chemicals (calcium bentonite). EH&S has prepared standard spill control kits, available from Chemistry Stores. 5. Solids - dampen thoroughly, taking care not to spread contamination. Use water, unless a chemical reaction would occur. 6. Notify the PI. 7. Notify EH&S (515) 294-5359. 8. After hours, notify Department of Public Safety (515) 294-4428. Major Spills and Contaminations An incident occurring outside of the hood and involving the release of more than 100 µCi of a radionuclide in a nonvolatile form, or the release of any amount of a radionuclide in a volatile form, should be considered major. EH&S will direct the spill response and decontamination for major spills and contaminations. Laboratory personnel are responsible for immediately completing the following steps: 1. If safe to do,evacuate the room shutting doors and windows on the way out. 2. Notify the PI. 3. Notify EH&S (515) 294-5359. Note: EH&S is responsible for restricting access to contaminated areas. Note: Treat life threatening injuries before worrying about contamination!