Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

42 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety TABLE 2. Limits of Radioactive Contamination on Surfaces or Items to be Released for Unrestricted Use Contamination Type Limit Removable alpha (wipe) 10 dpm/100 cm2 Removable beta/gamma (wipe) 200 dpm/100 cm2 Fixed alpha (direct measure) * non-detectable Fixed beta/gamma (direct measure) ** 0.1 mrem/hr at 1 inch * Non-detectable is a reading less than the average instrument background plus 10%. ** Reading from a survey instrument with the beta shield open and a maximum distance of 1 inch from the surface of the detector tube to the surface being monitored. Clean-up of Radioactive Contamination and Legacy Materials or Devices EH&Swill notify the PI or department when contamination or unknown/ abandoned RAM or equipment is discovered by EH&S staff. The PI or department will be given reasonable time to complete corrective actions. EH&S will complete the corrective action if required for safety or compliance reasons. The PI or department may be required to reimburse EH&S for the decontamination and disposal costs incurred. TIP: EH&S maintains control of all carrier free radioiodine.