Radioactive Materials Safety Manual

9 Radioactive Materials Safety Manual Environmental Health and Safety B Regulatory Requirements The possession and use of RAM and RPDs in the United States are governed by strict regulatory controls. Regulations controlling the use of radiation in Iowa are found in Chapter 136C of the Iowa Administrative Code and are administered by the Bureau of Radiological Health of the IDPH. ISU holds a broadscope radioactive materials license issued by IDPH. This license grants ISU the authority and responsibility for setting the specific requirements for radioactive material use within its facilities. All use of RAM under the authorization of the broad scope license is governed by RSC, and is subject to inspections and audits by the IDPH and EH&S for rules compliance and safety performance. ISU holds separate licenses for Generally Licensed Materials and RPDs. The RSC has oversight of these items. Sealed source users must comply with the requirements in the Sealed Source Safety Manual and RPD users must comply with requirements in X-Ray Safety Manual, respectively. University Policy ISU has established its commitment to the safe use of RAM and RPDs through policies that minimize the hazards of radiation and maintaining radiation exposures ALARA. These policies can be viewed on the ISU Policy Library web page.