Safety Data Sheets

Water Disposal Methods Proper disposal methods for contaminated material, recovered liquids, or solids, and their containers. Water-Reactive A chemical that reacts with water to release a gas that is either flammable or presents a health hazard. Work Area A room or defined space in a work-place where hazardous chemicals are produced or used and where employees are present. Workplace An establishment at one geographical location containing one or more work areas. Xeroderma Dry skin; may be rough as well as dry. X-Rays Penetrating electromagnetic radiation having wave lengths shorter than those of visible light. They are usually produced by bombarding a metallic target with fast electrons in a high vacuum. In nuclear reactions it is customary to refer to photons originating in the nucleus as gamma rays, and those originating in the extranuclear part of the atom as x-rays. These rays are sometimes called Roentgen rays after their discoverer, W.C. Roentgen. Zinc Fume Fever A condition brought on by inhalation of zinc oxide fume characterized by flu-like symptoms with a metallic taste in the mouth, coughing, weakness, fatigue, muscular pain, and nausea, followed by fever and chills. The onset of symptoms occurs four to twelve hours after exposure.