Shop Safety Manual

12 Shop Safety Guidelines for details. • Signs identifying the locations of safety equipment (fire extinguisher, safety shower, eyewash fountain, etc.) are required. Refer to specific information on signage requirements and posting locations as discussed in the Safety Equipment section. • Signs, labels and/or warning/caution tape should be used to identify designated use and storage areas for materials or equipment requiring special procedures (welding). • Post hazard communication signage at the main entrance to the shop. The door signage program requires a current chemical inventory. If you have questions about required signage please contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359 or EH&S. Shop Safety Survey EH&S has a formal Shop Safety Survey program. Routine shop safety surveys are completed to identify unsafe conditions and identify areas of improvement. Shop supervisors are required to perform annual self-inspections using the Shop Safety Survey. Documentation of completed inspections must be maintained by each shop or department for a minimum of three years. Surveys are performed by EH&S periodically and assistance is provided to help protect workers from accidents, illnesses, and the environment from harm. Site Specific Safety Site specific safety measures, in addition to general shop safety guidelines, will be developed based on specific hazard analysis of the shop space and equipment. Site specific safety measures can include, but are not limited to additional or specific PPE, training, rules, competency validation, or environmental controls. Standard Operating Procedures Written standard operating procedures (SOPs) are recommended for all operations involving hazardous chemicals, machinery, or processes. An SOP provides a standardized reference during instruction, training, and competence verification on individual machines or processes. For assistance, see the SOP Development page. Tool Inventory Shop equipment should be inventoried using an equipment inventory form that includes the equipment type size, manufacturer, model number, serial number, and university id number.