Shop Safety Manual

18 Shop Safety response, but calling 911 will inform responders there is an actual emergency. You will also be able to provide critical information. Rapid response minimizes loss of life and property. Respond – ONLY IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO! • Extinguish a fire if you have been trained, the fire is small, and you have a safe exit route. However, you are not required to do this – it is always OK to get out. • Shut down hazardous operations. Exit the building – Leave immediately by the shortest and safest exit route. DO NOT TAKE THE ELEVATOR! • Assist injured or impaired persons if you are able. • Close doors behind you. • Stay low if you encounter smoke. • Refer to your Emergency Map for the nearest exit. • Respond to your Meeting Place. • Do not re-enter the building until the fire department has cleared the building for re-entry, even if the alarms have been silenced. Designated Meeting Place – Gather and stay at your designated safe location. Notify supervisors and responders of: • Injured or disabled persons. • Missing or unaccounted personnel. Provide their last known location or places they might be working. • Hazardous operations or areas in the building. Additional information on how to respond, prevent, and prepare for a fire is available in the Fire Safety Guidelines. Emergency Map