Tractor Safety

11 Tractor Safety Guidelines Preferred drawbar height is 17- 21 inches above the ground level. Travel with load as close to the ground as conditions permit. • The draw-bar on a tractor should be kept as low as possible. Know the maximum height recommended by the tractor manufacturer, preferably 17-inches above ground level and not to exceed 21-inches above ground level. NEVER attach equipment to the tractor frame or axle, unless it is designed or intended for that purpose. • Do not exceed the towing capacity of the tractor. Too much towing weight can cause a tractor to become unstable and extremely difficult to control due to the “swaying” action of the load. • Never allow anyone to stand between the tractor and equipment, unless the tractor is stationary and the driver is aware of their presence. • Use a spotter (a designated person to guide you) with implement and attachment connections if visibility is reduced, especially when reversing. • Never walk or work under a raised loader bucket or implement. • Always carry a load as low as possible to the ground and watch for obstructions. • Allow for the extra length of the tractor implement and attachment when making turns.