Tractor Safety

15 Tractor Safety Guidelines Shear Points Shear points are created when the edges of two moving parts move across one another or where a single sharp part moves with enough speed or force to cut soft material. Examples include sickle bar mowers, rotary shredders and cutters, cutter heads of forage harvesters, augers in tubes, chain and paddle conveyors, rotary mower blades, and certain points in an implement frame during raising or lowering. Machinery Guarding Unguarded power take-offs, machine blockages and maintenance activities can cause serious injuries. A guard may be any cover, casing, physical or electronic barrier, intended to prevent contact between a hazardous machine part and any part of a person’s clothing or anatomy. Safe Work Practices • Read and follow machine safety decals. • Ensure guards are in place before activating machines. • Never disable, modify or ignore machine guards or devices. • Never attempt to service or unclog a machine while it is energized or the engine is running. • Pay attention to what you are doing – don’t get distracted or become complacent. • Immediately report problems to your supervisor or the farm manager. Read safety decals