Tractor Safety

8 Tractor Safety Guidelines Start-up Checklist • inspect • area clear • park or neutral C. Before Operating a Tractor Your tractor has been designed and built with your safety in mind. Its safe operation, however, is entirely in your hands. Know Your Tractor Be familiar with your tractor’s operator’s manual and any attached implements before operation. Seek training on safe operation from a competent instructor. • Know each control, its location, and how it works. • Knowhow to stop the tractor quickly in the event of an emergency. • Never use a machine unless it is properly maintained. • Never operate farm machinery under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Dress properly: • Avoid clothing that could get caught in moving parts (e.g., loose fitting, scarves, or clothes with strings). • Tie back long hair or contain in a hat. • Avoid wearing jewelry. • Wear closed-toe shoes that are sturdy with non-skid soles. • Wear eye and hearing protection as appropriate or required. • Wear work gloves as needed. Start-up Safety Checklist Before starting; 1. Complete an inspection. • Verify that all lights are visible and working. • Verify that all safety guards are in place. • Check for clear visibility on all sides. 2. Ensure all bystanders are at a safe distance. 3. Verify that tractor is in park or neutral.