14 Waste and Recycling E. What Do I Do with My Waste Materials? The following is an interactive quick guide to the safe handling and proper disposal of waste materials. For more detailed information and to review the chemical disposal guidelines, see section “Management and Disposal of Waste Chemicals.” Aerosol Cans Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) collects all aerosol cans. Se e section “ Chemicals in Laboratories and Other Locations.” Animal Carcasses and Tissue Animal tissue and carcasses must be properly managed to curb the spread of disease, prevent the release of non-approved material to the food chain, and reduce offensive odors and unsightly discharges. Animals and animal waste are managed by Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) , EH&S, or the Research and Demonstration Farm of origin. Contact EH&S or LAR for disposal guidelines. Appliances Used laboratory appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, etc., must be decontaminated by the user and approved by EH&S prior to dis posal thro ugh: • Iowa State University Surplus ( working items) • FP&M (non-working items): (515) 294-5100 Art Supplies Many art supplies contain solvents or heavy metals. Submit a Waste Removal request for disposal. See section “Chemicals in Laboratories and Other Locations.” Audio/Visual Materials Large volumes of audio/visual materials such as video tape, movie film and reel-to-reel tape may often be reclaimed or recycled. Submit a Waste Removal request.