19 Waste and Recycling Sharps, Syringes and Needles EH&S collects used and unused sharps, syringes, and needles once they have been properly packaged. For more information read the Sharps and Biohazardous Waste Procedure. Smoke Detectors Smoke detectors contain radioactive components and must be properly managed. Contact EH&S for guidance at (515) 294-5359. Thermometers, Barometer, Manometer, Thermostats, and Mercury Switches EH&S will collect all intact or broken metallic mercury-containing items. See section “Chemicals in Laboratories and Other Locations.” Tires Used tires should be exchanged when purchasing new ones. Contact EH&S for assistance with proper disposal of abandoned tires. Unknown Chemicals Users can prevent the expense and frustration of disposing unknown chemicals by properly labeling and identifying all containers. Identification of unknown chemicals is the responsibility of the generator. EH&S will assist with identification on a cost-recovery basis. (See Fee for Service. )