18 X-Ray Safety E. Training Requirements Radiation specific training provides Principal Investigators (PIs) and authorized personnel with knowledge of basic radiation safety theory, techniques and Iowa State University (ISU) procedures. Radiation safety training is an ongoing process and consists of an initial training course and annual retraining. Multiple training courses are required for multiple types of authorizations since policies, rules, and procedures differ for radiation materials (RAM) and radiation producing devices (RPDs). Additionally, laboratory safety training, as specified in the Laboratory Safety Manual shall be completed to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Personnel Initial Training Course(s) Retraining Course & Frequency X-ray and Radiation Producing Device Users (RPDs) X-ray Safety Fundamentals (online) X-ray Safety Fundamentals (online) Annually in January and February Laboratory Personnel in a Radiation Laboratory Radiation Awareness Training (online) Radiation Awareness Training (online) 3 year Note: Annual training is required.