27 X-Ray Safety Regulatory Dose Limits to Declared Pregnant Workers Federal and state regulatory agencies have adopted the National Council on Radiation Protection (NCRP ) recommendations. However, the regulations only apply when a worker voluntarily declares their pregnancy. If a declaration of pregnancy is made, the worker grants consent to their employer to limit their dose to a TEDE of 500 mrem (5 mSv) throughout the entire pregnancy. If no declaration is made to the employer, their occupational dose limits remain the same. A declaration of pregnancy must be made to the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) in writing, and can be made at any time during the pregnancy. Upon receiving the Declaration of Pregnancy form, EH&S will schedule a counseling session with the worker to review their dose history, current work, dose limits and explore methods for minimizing radiation exposure. The declaration of pregnancy can be revoked by the worker at any time and will end upon parturition. Occupational Dose Limits for Minors A minor is anyone under 18 years of age. The annual occupational dose limits for minors are ten percent of the annual dose limits specified for adult workers. This equals a TEDE of 500 mrem (5 mSv)/year). Regulatory Limits for Dose to Individual Members of the Public The limit for radiation doses to non-radiation workers and members of the public is two percent of the annual occupational dose limits. For the whole-body dose, this is a TEDE of 100 mrem (1 mSv) per year. Note: The first trimester is the most critical. Declare early!