29 X-Ray Safety Personnel Exposure Records/Reports At Iowa State University (ISU), all authorized personnel will have a radiationdosehistory record, regardless of theirmonitoring requirement. All personnel monitoring records are maintained by EH&S. An annual occupational dose report will be given to monitored individuals with a dose exceeding 100 mrem,. Dose reports will be supplied to participants at their request. EH&S will only release dose reports through a signed request submitted by the participant. Personnel monitoring results are regularly reviewed by EH&S radiation safety staff to assure that radiation doses are kept As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). Information on a person’s radiation exposures is only released to the person directly, or to a specified party authorized by the exposed individual. A permanent record of this release information, dated and signed by the individual involved, is kept on file. ALARA Reviews EH&S reviews dose reports upon receipt from the vendor. An individual will be notified by EH&S whenever current monitoring results exceed established ALARA limits. EH&S will meet with the individual to determine the cause of elevated dose, and will review work practices to identify methods to reduce exposure.