31 X-Ray Safety Any problems encountered by EH&S during the survey or audit are discussed with laboratory staff or the laboratory supervisor and, when necessary, with the PI. Laboratory personnel are responsible for correcting any problems identified through EH&S audits. Written corrective action plans may be required to be submitted to the EH&S. EH&S is available to assist the laboratory in correcting problems. The inspection criteria is available for laboratory use at the EH&S website. X-Ray Surveys The leakage or scatter of the primary beam through apertures in ill-fitting or defective equipment can produce very high intensity beams. Modern x-ray and radiation producing devices incorporate shielding and safety design features to prevent both acute local accidental exposure and chronic exposure to radiation. At least annually, EH&S will complete an area survey to verify that tube leakage, cabinet leakage, and/or public exposure meets the regulatory requirements. Radiation surveys of all analytical and diagnostic x-ray systems sufficient to showcompliancewith the radiation levels requirements must be performed: • Upon installation of the equipment and at least every twelve months thereafter. • Following any change in the number, type, or arrangement of components in the system. • Following any maintenance requiring the disassembly or removal of a system component. • During the performance of maintenance and alignment procedures if the procedures require the presence of a primary x-ray beam when any local component in the system is disassembled or removed. Contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359 to request a radiation survey for your device or system. Note: A survey must be completed after any maintenance requiring disassembly.