8 X-Ray Safety Veterinary medicine diagnostic and therapy device use is limited to licensed veterinarians, radiology technicians, or those trained and directly supervised by the radiology staff. Diagnostic x-ray units for healing arts screening may only be used by those individuals who have received appropriate training and approval from IDPH, the RSC, and ISU’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). An operator’s permit is issued by IDPH to qualified personnel. Analytical x-ray units may be used only by those individuals who have received appropriate EH&S training and approval from the RSC. Current medical or veterinary certification is required to maintain approved user status for RPD diagnostic use. Annual training is required to maintain approved user status for RPD research purposes. All individuals who operate unshielded x-ray equipment, such as diagnostic x-ray machines, are provided with dosimeters for monitoring whole-body radiation exposures. Individuals using cabinet analytical x-ray units may receive dosimetry, depending upon the particular type of device and use. Electron Microscopes Because of the limited potential for radiation exposure from electron microscopes there is no requirement for personnel monitoring or formal radiation safety training for users of these devices. Electron microscopes must be registered with the IDPH and are inspected periodically by EH&S for proper operation. Healing Arts Screening and Human Use Healing arts screening includes the application of radiation to humans for the purpose of research or data collection.All healing arts screening requires the approval of ISU’s Radiation Safety Committee (RSC), IRB, and IDPH. Specific applications and supporting documents are required by each committee and approval times may exceed six months. Researchers must justify their use of radiation in human research and evaluate all applicable non-radiation testing methods for before approval. When the use of a dual energy x-ray (DXA/ DEXA) system is proposed, the operators must be ISU employees (not graduate students) and have obtained all required permits or certifications prior to the submission of the application. Healing Arts Screening approval will require extensive documentation. Note: ISU is not licensed to use other forms of radiation in human research.