2022 Annual Report

24 Celebrating 50 Years and More EH&S celebrated its 50th anniversary as a department at Iowa State in June 2022. EH&S's founding fathers, Emery Sobottka and Sam Townsend, established the department with a focus on the wellbeing of the campus and surrounding communities, which still remains its mission today. Why it formed: According to the 1974 annual report, the EH&S “department was formed to provide better direction and coordination of all safety programs on campus.” Then and now: The initial focus was on industrial hygiene, radiation safety, sanitation, and occupational safety and health. Since then, the department has expanded to also support laboratory and biological safety, environmental protection, fire safety, and emergency management. Fun for all: EH&S held an open house on June 10, 2022, to share the special anniversary with the campus and local community. Each EH&S team operated a game with prizes, and the department coordinated a pop-up museum displaying various relics and tools used over the last five decades. Guests also had the opportunity to tour the Regulated Materials Facility in the Environmental Health and Safety Services Building.